The modern PVC top-mounted roller shutter with a Neopor high-performance insulating core for modernisation and new-build projects. The economical all-rounder system fits all conventional window formats and is compatible with various types of masonry. Installation is carried out in a single step with the windows thanks to straight-forward pre-assembly. The large range of designs and the individual feature variants complete the qualities that make it an all-rounder.  

  • top-mounted box made of robust, extruded plastics with side components made from injection-moulded plastic
  • for rendered brickwork, facing brickwork and EIFS façades
  • angle beads and high-quality Styrodor baseboards (rendered on both sides)
  • uniform appearance to façade every time
  • time-saving installation in one step with the windows
  • integrated Neopor insulation, specially-developed side insulation
  • aluminium adapter profiles for solid connection to windows
  • stable lateral additional fastening of the box and blind frame using screwless steel side plates
  • flexible inspection options with hinged maintenance inside
  • also for larger frame widths of patio doors and lift-and-slide elements
  • convenient head piece with channel and anti-slip mechanism for motor cable
  • bottom slat made of extruded aluminium with a rubber seal to ensure quiet closing and stop the shutter freezing up
  • box casing matched to the colour range of the European premium window manufacturer or to the wood finishes
  • box dimensions (mm): 175 mm, 210 mm and 235 mm for all frame sizes up to a roller shutter element height of 400 cm
  • Optional features: 2-in-1 insect screen, extruded-on anti-lift lock
  • Operation: comfort motor drive, crank mechanism, pivoting mini-belt winding mechanism or standard belt mechanism
  • Curtain: premium aluminium roller shutter profile (foam-filled)
  • 23 colours, PVC roller shutter profile or external Venetian blind (flat or beaded aluminium slats)
Tanext, monolithic wall175210235
Heat transfer coefficient,
rated value Usb ≤ 0,85
Surface temperature factor,
rated value fRsi ≥ 0,70
Sound reduction index (dB),
curtain up/down
Between 36 and 44, depending on the foil used


References Roller shutters and garage doors






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